Highlights from our 2018 Ofsted report include:


‘Staff ensure that British values are fundamental to everyday life in school. Every opportunity is taken to reinforce these values so that respect and tolerance are extended to everyone’

‘Pupils enjoy very positive relationships, both between themselves and staff and with each other. They very much value the very tight knit school community where ‘everyone knows each other’. 
‘The wide range of subjects on offer successfully blends British values with the Norwegian curriculum. Through participation in outdoor pursuits and visits to places of interest across London and beyond, pupils are helped to build their confidence and to achieve well. The school promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development very well.’
‘The school’s motto, ‘Optimum duo mundi’ (‘The best of both worlds’), is exemplified in the seamless blending of the Norwegian curriculum with imparting knowledge of British values. Pupils receive effective careers guidance that helps them make informed decisions about future career options.’
‘Pupils feel safe and secure in school and their behaviour is good.’
‘The school provides a safe and caring environment in which pupils feel safe and are comfortable about sharing their concerns with adults.’

‘Pupils make good progress because they are well taught. Teachers plan interesting activities that motivate pupils to achieve well. Warm and caring relationships contribute strongly to pupils’ ability to become successful learners.’

‘Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is promoted well through the curriculum as well as through visits to places of interest. These outings, together with the residential visit to a different European city each year, help to promote pupils’ understanding of how people from different cultures and backgrounds contribute to life in modern Britain.’

‘Teachers work well together, are supportive of each other and are enthusiastic to see further improvements in school.’

‘Teachers match tasks and resources to pupils’ needs. As a result, pupils make good progress and are able to overcome barriers to learning. Pupils make good progress.’

‘Staff work closely together to ensure that activities are enjoyable and motivating for pupils across all areas of learning.’


‘The headteacher, together with staff and governors, has established a strong culture of safeguarding and vigilance, giving the safety of pupils the highest priority.’

‘The school provides a safe and caring environment in which pupils feel safe and are comfortable about sharing their concerns with adults.’

Outcomes for Pupils

‘Pupils enter the school with skills and aptitudes that are broadly typical for their age. By the time they leave, most are achieving standards that are above expectations for their ages in a range of subjects.’
‘Parents and carers are highly complimentary about all aspects of the school’s work.’

‘All of those who offered their views would recommend the school to another parent.’

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