When we came to Surrey, the sun made sure the afternoon became perfect!

Finally, year 8-10, got their school trip to Walton Firs! Since the first trip was cancelled due to the bad weather in May, the overnight trip to Walton Firs Activity Centre in Surrey had to be rescheduled. But this time, 17-18th June, with the weather on our side, it became a wonderful celebration and memorable end to the academic school year.

The children had to help each other through the low rope track!

The pupils participated in different activities, like for example bow and arrow, high- and low ropes and air riffle shooting. In between the activities, the pupils got a lot of time to relax around the bonfire, eat hamburgers from the BBQ or hanging out with good friends. Not to mention Water Fight between the teachers and students.

Yes we can do this! Climbing up a 6 meter high pole and jump… “Leap of faith”

The Norwegian School in London is grateful for the wonderful youth group, and wish everyone, but especially those who had their last school trip (due to moving back to Norway or continue to English High School) a wonderful summer holiday and all the best.