As part of the school’s work with democracy we establish a Pupil’s Council (Elevråd) every year.

All classes from Year 1 – 10 elect two class representatives at the beginning of the school year.

The Pupils’ Council meets approximately every 6-8 weeks or when the need arises. The Pupils’ Council elects a Chairperson and a Deputy Chair.

A dedicated teacher is responsible for leading the council in a way that develops the pupils’ experience, knowledge and understanding of:

  • Democratic processes and how they are conducted
  • Leadership
  • Rules for how to conduct meetings
  • Representation

The Pupils’ Council is represented in the Board meetings by the Chair and the Deputy Chair of the Pupils’ Council.

Minutes of the Pupils’ Council meetings are distributed to all teachers and the Headteacher, who then gives them written feedback.

The Pupil’s Council has a tradition of arranging various events and competitions, such as chess tournaments, film nights, table tennis tournaments and classroom competitions.